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Is Samphetamine® a genuine pharmaceutical product? ︎︎︎
Samphetamine® is not a pharmaceutical product in the traditional sense. Rather than a set of pills for oral consumption, it is a collection of written works and original illustrations bound into a book for your visual consumption. Writing the work has certainly had a profoundly cathartic impact on the author, so perhaps reading the work will induce a similar effect on you.

Who is Samphetamine® manufactured by? ︎︎︎
Samphetamine® is manufactured in the brain of Sam Bird, a young theatre writer and director currently living in Bristol, United Kingdom. He regularly develops such works and brings them to life as performance pieces with other like-minded individuals. The book and packaging design of Samphetamine® is courtesy of Tom Bird and the illustrations are by Gabriel Carr.

Can I actually buy Samphetamine®? ︎︎︎
Indeed, you can. A limited run of 100 boxes of Samphetamine® are available in our online shop for a very humble price of £20 per box. If you experience any issues at checkout, please email and we will be glad to assist you.

Are there real health benefits to Samphetamine®? ︎︎︎
Writing has typically provided the author with temporary relief from depression, anxiety and general existential dread, and the works within Samphetamine® are no different. His performance pieces have also been known to provide effective relief to the myriad psychological ailments of a paying audience.

Is Samphetamine® a prescription based medication? ︎︎︎
No, just one box of Samphetamine® should do the trick. However there will be periodic new releases of Samphetamine®, whenever Sam Bird develops something he feels is worthy of market release. Theatre, however, can be treated much like a prescription and we would encourage you to go as often as possible.

Can I get Samphetamine® via the NHS? ︎︎︎
Not at this time unfortunately, however our team are working around-the-clock in lobbying His Majesty’s Government to table a motion whereby Samphetamine® – or any other acceptable level of support for the UK’s growing mental health crisis – can be readily available and affordable to all.